A Pink Pivot… Rethinking our Exterior Color Palette


This post is a bit different than most you’ll find here at Rachel Dodge. I’m gonna let you in on some personal stuff and where my mind is headed right now. A couple of posts ago I shared the mood board and inspiration for the exterior of our new home construction. That palette was modern, sleek and bold and my love for these things runs deep. I am sure this palette will find it’s way indoors as I decorate our new spaces but I have made a complete 180º pivot when it comes to the exterior.

Tropical colors of lime green, turquoise and pink color homes in New Plymouth

Here’s a little backstory. Shortly after we shared that post, the construction on our home all but ground to a halt. Our incompetent plumber failed to listen to me, or follow the plans which led to such a huge mistake we essentially had to tear out our bathroom plumbing and start from scratch. Water was NEVER run to our shower, and changes included centering the tub, relocating the tub filler and redesigning the custom vanity. ARGH! Am I right?

Now, this home build it a dream come true that follows a few years of just basic shit. Many of you probably remember that just a little over a year ago we were hit head-on in a horrific accident. MIRACULOUSLY we pretty much walked away. Walking away came with injuries though, including a torn ACL for me followed by surgery, complications and a loooong recovery.

So this mishap with the plumber (on top of an already trying building experience) was kind of the last straw. If you know me, I’m going to find a silver lining in this situation and TRY to not let it take the joy out of our home build. I am determined to make this next phase light, happy and joyful. So I started really thinking about how I wanted to make that happen.

Bright pink painted building stands out next to a house painted turquoise with pink trim

A Pink Color Palette

I started thinking about the places that make us really happy. We have always loved vacationing in the Abacos (I named Mia after the Cays) and Key West. They are bright, cheerful places and also right on the water! I love the architecture and one of the things that is common there is the color pink! A pink color palette kind of hit my like a slap in the face as the perfect color for Amelia’s Cay!

a pink color palette on a water front home in the Bahamas
this tropical building wears a pretty coral pink color
a pink and white color palette adorns a vintage home

So there you have it. The wild and crazy thought process that lead me to pivot from a sleek, modern black and white color palette to pretty, tropical pink. Please be sure to follow along for next post and help me choose the PERFECT pink for Amelia’s Cay.

Please pin this to your exterior paint ideas board
How we decided to paint our home pink pin

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