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Sunglasses are an absolute must, so it’s awesome that there are so many cute options! I’m sharing this summer’s must have sunglasses in preparation of hitting the beaches or heading on vacation. I addition, I am excited to offer budget friendly dupes that will can help anyone attain this season’s most fashionable looks!

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must have summer sunglasses

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Living in Florida, we get a lot of sun and days near the ocean or out at the lake provide even more opportunity for sun reflections and glare. Popping on a pair of sunglasses helps protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. Sunglasses help you to not squint which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead and they help block out UV rays which can damage sensitive cells in the eyes.

But protecting your eyes doesn’t mean you have to don the ugly oversized glasses of our grandparents era. Sunglasses come in tons of fashionable styles and sizes and to some, are an important fashion accessory.

Splurge vs Save

Unfortunately many must have fashion sunglasses can come with a HUGE price tag, making them unattainable to mere mortals. (Haha) Well, I’m here to share some great affordable dupes to this summer’s trendiest styles!

Must Have Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye glasses have been around since the 50’s but remain hotter than ever with more angular styles gaining popularity this season. Check out these three looks and their budget friendly counterparts.

Celine offers a beautiful pair of oversized cat eye shades with in classic black making them the LBD of sunglasses. However their $450 price tag may be a bit steep for most mamas. Check out the budget friendly dupe, available on Amazon for under $20! Added bonus, they come in a a variety of colors and patterns to accompany any outfit.

a hand holding 4 pairs of black sunglasses

Here’s another pair of fun cat eyes from Celine. This chunky, slightly angular design is a bit of an updated play on the classic. Celine’s ring up at about $440 while Quay’s are considerably less at only $55.

Kim Kardashian sports a pair of angular cat eye sunglasses.

These super angular shades by Saint Laurent present a modern take on cat eye glasses. Saint Laurent’s sell for about $390 while the pair available at Amazon sell for below $20, and you guessed it, come in more colors!

Save on Ray-Bans Classic Sunglasses

Model Behato Prinsloo looks sporty in her Ray-Ban icons.

These Ray-Bans are called icons for a reason. Dating back to the 1960’s these Ray-Bans have offered classic and iconic looks that stand the test of time. These icons retail for around $170 (they’re on sale though!) but if you’re on a tight budget you can get the look for under $20 through Amazon.

Aviator Sunglasses with a Twist

Rosie HW looks sporty in angular pilots from BV

With the new Top Gun movie killing it in box offices it makes sense that aviator fashion would also make a recurrence. Enter aviator sunglasses with a twist for the 21st century as this year’s must have sunglasses. Bottega Veneta’s Angular Pilot shades retail for about $400 which is a bit out of reach for my pocketbook but you can pick up near identical shades on Amazon for under $20!

Chunky & Chic

These Karen Walker glasses are a brand fav and a must have for summer. The chunky round shape gets noticed with fun tortoiseshell color that is a great neutral. The originals sell for around $190 while the near identical dupes can be had for under $15!

I hope you have found this post informative and it helps you save a few bucks. If you are loving this Splurge vs Save format, drop me a comment so I know you’d like to see more. Here’s to hitting the beach this summer (with plenty of SPF and a favorite pair of sunglasses!)

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