Amelia’s Cay – Our New Home Build

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If you follow me on other social media platforms you may be aware that I am tackling the biggest project of my life right now, which is the building of our very own tiny home on the lake which I am calling “Amelia’s Cay” for my daughter. This home is located in Florida with a gorgeous view of the water, sunsets and all things beautiful!

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Amelia's Cay house rendering being held in front of building plot

Building a home from scratch is not for the faint of heart and we have had our fair share of headaches. It requires constant check-ins, peeking over workers shoulders and double checking plans, but it also means SHOPPING for everything from tile to paint to furniture and fixtures.

Amelia’s Cay Exterior Inspiration

I’ve added a new section to my blog where I will be sharing the process and my inspiration, ideas and sources we use for Amelia’s Cay. Today I am starting with an exterior mood board I made even though the exterior is a ways off. LOL! As you can see I am leaning toward a clean, modern vibe. Choosing colors is HARD but I am loving a darker body with crisp white trim. What do you think?

Amelia's Cay exterior decor mood board
gear shaped flower pot

You all know I am a sucker for plants of all kinds and I am loving these flower pots! I think they’ll be beautiful accent both inside and out of Amelia’s Cay. I can’t wait to have a small patio lined with flowers and plants where we can kick up our feet and enjoying the sunsets and the sound of the water lapping the shore.

sunset from Amelia's Cay

In addition to the blog, be sure to follow my TikTok account dedicated to the construction process of our tiny home. I look forward to sharing more of our crazy adventure!

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AMELIA'S CAY : Exterior Inspo Pin

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