Decorating with House Plants: Brighten your Home and Your Mood

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Decorating with House Plants

I’ll admit, I have a weakness for house plants! I love decorating with house plants because I love the variety of colors, shapes and the huge selection of pots you can choose from. House plants are the perfect way to add a little “spring” to your home decor AND they may even help improve your mood.

Decorating with plants of all sizes can instantly bring in a touch of spring to your home. Plants come in a variety of colors from deep green to more pastel colors and even purplish tones. Their pots can reflect nearly any decor from traditional to bohemian. Choose brass or clay, painted, ceramic and wood and they come in a wide variety of sizes too. Small plants can be tucked onto a shelf or bookcase while large plants in substantial pots can be a design focus in a room. Corral plants on your table in a decorative tray, hang them from the ceiling or line your window sill.

When choosing plants to include in your decor, be sure to consider kids and pets. Not all plants are safe for little mouths so you’ll have to take into account toxicity and where plants are placed in your home.

Best Houseplants for Beginners

If you’re just starting out decorating with house plants, or if your thumb isn’t exactly the greenest, these plants are some of the best for beginners. They tolerate a variety of light conditions, are forgiving of a little forgetfulness when it comes to watering and are just all around easy keepers.

Brighten Your Mood with House Plants

I know that the house plants that live in my home just make me happy. I love shopping for new varieties and choosing just the right pot. When I need a little down time I will spend some time watering, trimming, feeding. Decorating with house plants turns out to be good for your head! Studies show that tending to plants can reduce stress and provide a slew of other health benefits.

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