10 Top Nail Looks for Spring & Summer and How to Get Them


These top nail looks span a variety of colors and finishes but each packs its own unique punch. We’ve scoured the Internet for the season’s hottest nail trends and are excited to share that you can achieve them with Red Aspen. Red Aspen nail dashes are press on nails that provide an inexpensive, easy and reusable manicure option that can be applied or changed in a snap!


Lip Gloss Nails

Glittering Gloria Square Press On Nails from Red Aspen
Lip Gloss Nails by Tom Bachik on IG

If there is one nail trend you’re going to hear about in 2023, its probably the Lip Gloss Nail. This “neutral” play on  the popular “glazed donut nails” trend creates a natural, glossy, healthy nail look. Coined by celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, this is one nail trend we can get behind for everyday nails.

Pastel French Tips

French manicures will always be in style but this year we are seeing lots of variations including pastel tips. Pastels are perfect for the warm weather of spring and summer, beach days and picnics. In addition, nail lengths are getting shorter, with micro french tips becoming a popular trend. 

Lavender or Lilac Nails for Summer

Top beauty magazines and influencers are talking about how HOT the color lavender (or lilac) will be in beauty this year. Find it in everything from eyeliners to hair color and of course, nails. Lavender is a great color that works with virtually every skin tone making it a great option for summer nail looks.

Classic Red Nails

a classic red color is always on trend for summer nails
Classic red is always in style for nails. Try Tulips for Tiffani press-ons for a quick, inexpensive look.

There is nothing quite as iconic as a classic red nail (except maybe red lipstick). 2023 finds red nails trending again after Rihanna’s all red look at the Super Bowl and TikTok’s viral “Red Nail Theory” (look it up). Red nails are powerful, passionate and classic!

Glazed Donut Nails Remain a Top Look for Summer

The popular strawberry “Glazed Donut” popularized by Hailey Bieber can be replicated with Pearly Pink Azazie nail dashes.

Glazed donut or “chrome” nails became a top nail look after Hailey Bieber popularized the look on Instagram last year and it has stuck! Look for the glazed look in many shades but we love this strawberry pink version!

sLime Green Nails

Slime green nails are on trend this spring and summer. Get the look with Lime in a Coconut press ons in Square or Coffin shapes.

Expect to see this sherbety, limey green color all over the place this season. Neon colors are here to slay and this acid green color is adorning everything from eye liners to nail tips and beds. Pick up a set of these lime green nails in either coffin or square shapes from Red Aspen, for a fashion forward look in minutes. 

Perfectly Pink (Barbie Core/ Ballet Core) Nail Looks

Grab your tutu and tights, this pale “balletcore” look is popular this spring. On Point, Brynn from Red Aspen provides the look in mere minutes.

Look out Barbie, a slew of pink nails are hitting the runway and pavement. The anticipated release of the Barbie movie this summer is inspiring perfectly pink manicures in a variety of pink hues. This balletcore version boasts the palest pink nails while our Viva Magenta version (below) is another great way to celebrate the Barbie in you as well. 

Viva Magenta! Color of the Year is on Trend for Summer Nails

Harper Picks Peonies is Red Aspen’s answer to the Pantone’s color of the year, Viva Magenta!

Pantone’s color of the year, Viva Magenta, was a shoe in for fingertips and toes too. This gorgeous magenta shade is a beautiful, bright color for long summer days and looks great with so many outfits.

Heart Motif Nails

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. This season’s heart trend stretches into spring and summer in a variety of styles and colors, like this pastel version from Red Aspen. Tarty to the Party Teddy

Despite Valentine’s Day being in the rearview, hearts remain a top look for nails this season. Hearts will appear in a variety of sizes and colors, but we love this pastel version with all over hearts that can be mixed and matched with solid colors to create a unique manicure. 

Floral Nail Art

Put a bouquet of flowers on your finger tips with Meet Me in the Garden Rosalani press on nails from red Aspen.

It may seem a little obvious to pair flowers with spring and summer, but floral nails are a big trend for spring this year.  Add a couple of flowers as an accent for go for an all over floral moment. These floral nails are a great option for mix ‘n match manicures. 

I hope these top nail looks have inspired you to create some new manicures and styles for yourself in the upcoming months. Red Aspen can make it so easy (and affordable) with not only their Nail Dashes, but also cosmetics, lashes and tanning products.

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Top Looks for Spring and Summer Nails 2023

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