Best Storage for Red Aspen Press-On Nails

If you’re here for the BEST storage for Red Aspen press-on nails, then you came to the right spot!

What is Red Aspen?

You may have heard of Red Aspen, but in case you haven’t, Red Aspen is a beauty brand that creates salon-quality press-on nails in modern shapes and prints. There are other beauty products (such as lashes) in the line, but the nail dashes are what brought me to the brand.

It all started with a single box of nails. I never expected to fall in love with them, and I certainly didn’t expect to rediscover myself in the process. 

Two years ago, I unexpectedly and tragically lost the love of my life, and suddenly found myself navigating being a single mother and being completely dependent on a single income. I was working all hours of the day and night to keep my small business going, barely keeping my head above water.

After I tried that very first box of nails, I realized that Red Aspen was something incredibly special. I was ALL in, with big dreams.   

The community of women I have found within this company is one of a kind. They love, cheer for, and support each other in massive and beautiful ways.  My burden of loss and grief has been welcomed and shared across the front lines, and it has changed me for the better.  Something really incredible happens when women link arms across hardships and different backgrounds and dream big dreams together. 

Since joining Red Aspen, I have discovered a new freedom; both financially and emotionally.  My Red Aspen business is FUN, it fills me up from the inside out, it has given me new friendships, reignited my femininity and has given me so much JOY!  I’m inspired by these women at my side, and beyond excited to be part of such an amazing company.

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Best Storage for Press-On Nails

This is the best way I have found to store all my Red Aspen nail dashes! Each little container holds an entire set of nails and the entire box holds 21 sets! I love that you can easily grab a set to-go if you’re traveling and want to change up your mani. Plus, it’s cute and compact for storing! The best part? It’s well under $10!

best storage for Red Aspen Press-on nails

Tips for Using Storage

  • Use the compartment on the side to store the tiny nail files, glue, and cuticle sticks included in every box of Red Aspen nail dashes.
  • Add a sticky note to the inside of the lid with your nail size numbers for easy reference.
  • Use extra storage boxes to contain embellishments you may want to use to ✨spice✨ up your manis, like rhinestones and pearls.

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