Amazing Skincare Tips for All Seasons


Like many of you, I’m a busy mom without a lot of time for a beauty routine, but we know that caring for our skin is SO important! It’s also not one size fits all. The changes in seasons, temperature fluctuations and even hormones call for changing up skincare each season to address skin’s unique needs. Here are my best skincare tips for all seasons.

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Best Skincare Tips for Summer

Summer’s harsher sun and heat call for a little TLC when it comes to skincare. Also it’s super important to keep skin hydrated and protected from the sun! SPF should be the number one item on your summer beauty list. I love Tula’s award winning Protect + Glow which provides a broad spectrum SPF of 30 in a lotion that is skin care in addition to sunscreen!

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Lighten up on serums and moisturizers when the mercury rises as well. Choose lighter weight creams like Dew Your Thing which helps super boost hydration while firming and plumping skin.

Since summer and heat = sweat and oil, you’ll need a good cleanser for the end of the day. Choose a gel cleanser like the Cult Classic (also and award winner!) which are super effective at removing sweat and debris. While gel cleansers are perfect for summer months, they are sometimes too harsh and stripping for winter and can dry out skin.

Drink water! Hydration isn’t just good for your body, its good for your skin. Stay hydrated to help keep skin moist and healthy after afternoons in the hot sun.

Fall Skincare

After months in the summer elements, (hopefully with plenty of SPF) you may be experiencing a little skin discoloration from sun exposure. Fall is a great time to focus on brightening your skin with a skin brightening product like Tula’s new Bright Start Moisturizer or Brightening Treatment Serum Drops. (Get a deal on the brightening bundle!)

Protecting Your Skin in Winter

In many climates, the cold of winter means it’s time to call out the big guns. Cold outdoor temperatures and heated interiors mean your skin is THIRSTY and looking for a boost in hydration. Winter is a great time to look into rich hydrating serums like Hello Radiance illuminating serum and you can work on your complexion overnight with products like Beauty Sleep which is a powerhouse anti-aging treatment.

winter skin care tips with Tula

Winter is also the time when people start to notice scaly dry skin. If not treated, it can lead to further issues and more treatments down the line. The key to tackling scaly skin is exfoliation, but be gentle! Start with a warm washcloth in the shower and buff scaly areas using gentle pressure. You can up your exfoliation game with products like Secret Solution which contains 10% glycolic acid to help skin absorb moisture. Need something even stronger? Try So Poreless for a deeper exfoliation, perfect for deep-cleaning pores and sloughing off dead skin.

*Check out one of my simple winter skin care routines.

Spring Skincare Tips

Coming out of the harsh winter months, its a good time to remember that skin is delicate and needs extra TLC. Skin has natural oils that serve to protect skin from harsh elements and pollution and seal in moisture. When these oils are lost, skin is at greater risk of dehydration. Harsh soaps and detergents can exacerbate the affect because they are designed to strip out oils and dirt.

Use cleansers designed for skin to preserve and enhance your natural moisture. Look at Super Calm if you have sensitive skin. If you’re into glam and like cosmetics, check out Tula’s award winning Makeup Melt balm, and finally if you need a little extra boost of moisture, try the Kefir #nomakeup Facial Cleansing Oil.

Gearing up for summer, its a good to start putting your summer skin care plan into action. The addition of a good vitamin C serum like Tula’s Brightening Treatment Drops is a good place to start. The antioxidant protection is great year round and helps to fight sun damage. Your body can store antioxidants so using vitamin C serum at night will make sure you have plenty on hand for the next day.

I hope these tips have helped you learn about some of your skins’ unique needs. I love Tula products because they are created by a doctor who recognized that as your body’s largest organ, skin deserved to be treated with superfoods and probiotics too. 100% of Tula products are created from probiotic extracts & superfoods to create clean skincare with no irritants or toxic ingredients.

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