Simple Winter Skincare Routine

Friends, even though I hail from a state filled with blue skies, sunshine and oceans, our version of winter is here—and with winter comes (at least a few) inevitable changes in weather. With the heavy heat and humidity of summer gone, I am finding that my skin is needing just a little bit of extra love. For all my friends who are living farther north and west (basically, anyone else in the country), I am guessing the dry weather and cooler temps means you all are looking to improve your skincare game as well. And so, with that in mind here are a few tricks and pointers, as well as my current winter skincare routine that will make you glow like a Kardashian on New Year’s Eve.

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A Few Winter Skincare Tips

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Drop the Exfoliation

When my skin is dry, I need to be more gentle with it—that means physical exfoliation is on the back burner during the coldest months. Instead, I opt for this gentle chemical peel that helps with the dead skin cells, but still offers moisture.

Drink All The Water

The more hydrated you are, the healthier your skin will look. Grab your favorite water bottle and fill it up to the brim. Toss in some mint or lemon to spice things up! (Use code RACHEL for 5% off)

Add A Humidifier

If your skin is really dry, grab a humidifier to put in your room (or your kiddos rooms). I love this one.

Lower The Temperature

As much as it pains me to say—if your skin is dry and tight, avoid extra heat as much as possible. Opt for lukewarm water when showering and washing your face.

Avoid Products with Fragrance and Harsh Ingredients

The drier skin is, the more easily irritated. If you are finding you are struggling with redness or itching, toss anything with “fragrance” or “perfume” in the ingredients—they often contain chemicals that increase sensitivity.

My Favorite Winter Skincare Routine

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And now (please insert the drumroll of your choice)—what I am doing and using on the daily.

Cleanse: Toss that soap, and instead go for an oil-based cleanser. I am in love with Beautycounter’s Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil. The oil gently removes make-up and impurities without drying out your skin—essential for protecting your moisture barrier.

Prep: I am all about a good toner, and this Hydrating Essence from Beautycounter comes jam packed with all the benefits of a toner, and all the power of an essence. The sea water, fermented sugars and Retinatural Complex renews and balances skin. It is the product I never knew I needed until I used it!

Treat: Remember that gentle chemical exfoliator I mentioned? Three times I week I use this at night to help remove dead skin cells and reduce fine lines, all while keeping my skin hydrated.

Protect: This is the time of year where we pull out the big guns—and this Supreme Cream is rich, hydrating, luxurious, and because it uses a Retinatural formulation it is less irritating to dry winter skin, while still packing all the anti-aging punch of a standard retinol.

A Quick Bonus Round: During the day, I also add in the serum of my dreams—the All Bright Vitamin C. This serum brightens, reduces sun damage, and then even more importantly, protects against free radicals. During the winter, pollution can be worse, and increases the damage to our skin. A stable Vitamin C serum will act as a barrier against that damage.

Finally, SPF. Always. Forever and ever. Add sunscreen. The best anti-aging advice I can give is to prevent the sun damage in the first place—even in the winter.

Now, go enjoy that cool, dry weather knowing your skin will still be merry and bright.

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