Favorite Gear for Physical Therapy (and Yoga)


Today I am sharing my new favorite gear for physical therapy (and yoga). If you follow my Instagram account you may know that a couple months back, my Mom, Mia and I were in a pretty brutal car accident. To say we were lucky to have survived is an understatement. We feel so blessed!

While we did survive, we also encountered some injuries including a torn ACL in my right knee. This injury called for surgery and I have been undergoing physical therapy to help me regain my strength and range of motion. Since I also have had to wear a big ‘ole knee brace I have been all about comfort which has led to a LOT of athleisure wear. (who am I kidding, that’s my daily uniform.. ha!)

Physical Therapy Comfort

In this post I shared a bunch of my favorite leggings and affordable dupes. I practically live in leggings so if you need some recommendations, check that out. As weather has gotten warmer though, I have needed some other basics. These items have been lifesavers when its time to head to PT but can easily transition to workout wear as well.

My must -have picks for yoga and physical therapy. Sports bra, weights, sandals and shorts

As you know, I am all about finding a great deal so these picks are all from Amazon. (where I am an affiliate so if you buy anything through these links, I’ll get a small commission, thank you!!)

  • The Tengo Summer Beach shorts come in a TON of fun colors and pattern. They are 100% cotton so they are breathable and so comfy. They are a great dupe to my (out of stock) Nike Femme shorts.
  • Bala is one of my fav companies for gear. These Bala Bands are great for a lot of types of workouts and are wearable and adjustable. They come in 1 or 2 lb. weights and are just a win in my book! I can use them while I recuperate, they are good for my arms and wrists and very comfy!
  • These slippers are aptly named because they feel just like pillows!! I love the Birkie look styling and they come in a bunch of colors that are so fun for summer. Great for the pool, lake or just cruisin’ around town.
  • Ladies, we all need some support when exercising right? The CSZ Yoga bra is comfy and holds the girls in place, even during higher impact work outs and the price is RIGHT at under $30 they are a steal compared to their LuLuLemon counterpart.
Tengo Summer Beach Shorts
Bala Bangles
Weweya Pillow Slippers
CSZ Yoga Bra

Please let me know if you end up trying any of these! I always love to get feedback on my recommendations.

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