Make an Adorable After School Snack Tray

I was so inspired by “Back to School” season this year that I whipped up this adorable snack tray. You all know that my favorite way to eat is “snack style”. I love a little of this and a little of that as indicated by the lunch ideas posts I shared here and here, so I used that meal prep mentality to make this healthy-ish snack tray for after school noshing.

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Learn to make these cute pencil wafer cookies below

The tray is assembled on one of my favorite cutting boards, where I arranged fresh fruit including blueberries and tangerine segments along with crackers and BabyBel cheese with cute star cut-outs. In addition, I HAD to add some sweets in the form of chocolate chip cookies and these adorable pencil wafers which are so easy to make! Read on for the DIY!

This cute snack tray would be perfect for teachers, back to school night or an after school treat.

How to make Cute Cheese

“Decorating” the cheese was so easy and could easily be customized for any occasion or holiday. Simply use tiny cookie cutters to cut a shape into the wax coating and peel out the shape. Voila! A cute edible embellishment to decorate your charcuterie or snack board.

Tiny cookie cutters are perfect for making shapes in cheese wax

Creating Wafer Pencil Cookies

Creating the pencil cookies wasn’t difficult. Just gather up a few ingredients and a sharp knife and follow this easy video to make these cookies that are too cool for school.

  • wafer cookies
  • white frosting
  • red food coloring
  • mini chocolate chips

    Use a sharp knife to cut one end of cookies into a point. Mix part of the frosting with a few drops of red food coloring to make pink and spoon into a zip loc bag cutting a tiny bit off the tip. Spoon white frosting into another bag and snip off the tip as well. Use bags as piping bags to pipe on an “eraser” and “tip” at the pointy end. Add a mini chocolate chip for the “lead”. Enjoy!!!
Make these pencil cookie wafers in a snap!

I hope you enjoyed these little hacks and can use them to make some whimsical charcuterie boards or snacks of your own. How delighted would your kids be to find one or two of these treats in their lunch box?

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