Make these Stunning Cocktails to Celebrate Summer


These stunning cocktails are a great way to celebrate summer. I love ending the day unwinding by the ocean or pool and having a beautiful and tasty cocktail is an added bonus. In addition, having some stunning cocktail recipes in your back pocket is great for entertaining whether is be a date night, brunch with girlfriends or summer soiree. Read on for a great collection of summer cocktail recipes that are bound to impress.

Cocktails to Celebrate Summer

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gold rush cocktail with a zesty twist

I am currently loving this Gold Rush Cocktail with a zesty twist. It’s made with bourbon and zesty lemon. The honey syrup offsets the sourness making the perfect balance. Here’s the recipe:

  • Gold Rush Cocktail with Zesty Twist 🍋
  • 2 parts Maker’s Mark Bourbon
  • 1/4  part freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 3/4 part honey syrup*
  • Splash of sparkling water for fizz
  • Lemon slices to taste

*Honey syrup is 2 parts honey to 1 part hot water.

blackberry mojito recipe

Blackberry Mojito – Mojitos have been popular for some time but I love the berry twist in this recipe. Not only does it add a beautiful color but a sweetness to the refreshing cocktail.

seabreeze cocktail recipe

Seabreeze Cocktail – The Seabreeze is a cocktail classic with just three ingredients that make it cool and refreshing. Use blood oranges or ruby grapefruit for stunning color and you’ve got a real winning combination.

watermelon jalapeno cocktail recipe

La Bruja Cocktail – If you like a little spicy with your sweet the La Bruja cocktail is perfect for you. With fresh watermelon and jalapeño flavoring a good tequila and a splash of Triple Sec, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

creamy coconut pearl paloma recipe

Creamy Coconut Pearl Paloma – This tequila based version of a classic Paloma is so pretty. Its perfect for a girls night out or garden party plus the flavors of coconut and lime just scream summer.

pina colada with fresh lime

Easy Pina Colada with Fresh Lime – Much like the cocktail above, this Pina Colada blends lime and coconut but adds pineapple for sweetness for a drink that will give you all the beachy vibes.

Summer Margarita Recipes

fresh ginger margarita recipe

Fresh Ginger Margarita – I LOVE ginger, so when I found this margarita recipe (summer’s perfect cocktail) I knew it was a winner. Equally at home with a Mexican dinner or by the pool, this cocktail is a balanced blend of sweet, salty and tart with the bite of fresh ginger.

fresh peach margarita recipe

Fresh Peach Margaritas – Fresh peach juice makes these margaritas so delicious. Whip up a batch while peaches are in season and readily available at farmer’s markets and fruit stands. This is a perfect beverage for brunch.

Best Cocktails for your Pool Party

grilled pineapple and strawberry sangria

Grilled Pineapple and Strawberry Sangria – Grilling fruit brings out the sweetness in the pineapple making it an excellent ingredient in this refreshing sangria. Mix up a batch for your next pool party or backyard BBQ.

basil & peach moonshine cocktail

Basil & Peach Moonshine Cocktail – Relaxing by the pool? Pour yourself a refreshing Moonshine cocktail. The peaches add sweetness while the basil adds a touch of freshness for an out of this world cocktail.

pink starburst shots

Pink Starburst Shots – If you’re having a party, offering shots is a fun option. These Starburst shots are pretty and delicious and take just like a strawberry Starburst.

soju watermelon cocktail recipe

Soju Watermelon Cocktail – Refreshing and sweet are two words to describe these yummy watermelon cocktails. Perfect for hot summer days.

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Thanks so much for reading today. Please let me know if you try any of these recipes! If you’re looking for more unique cocktail recipes, check out these 12 Great Holiday Cocktails.

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